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Nils Kjaerside

I'm a leadership professional with 17 years of experience. I'm curious about people, innovation, design, and thought leadership. I believe you can always do better. If you run out of juice -you need to change the way you squeeze :-)

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Why this website ? You and I both need a purpose. Things we do have to make sense - when they do we create better solutions - happier employees and better relationships. Trust creates wealth.


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Early Warning Modelling

4 November, 2016

Early Warning systems and signals are classic and traditional risk management tasks. Many firms already have them implemented. Others are trying to build and implement new systems. Most commonly the systems produce too late warnings. At the forefront of development we see firms building systems based on customers transactions. Those systems have much higher reliability and are not only mitigating potential losses for the financial institution but more importantly used to service customers with financial advise.

Try and see if your models are providing too late warnings......

Perhaps its time to change your model inputs........

Focus on Customer outcome

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Experiences from Model Development

14 April, 2016

Credit Risk model development is continous changing. New standards are changing the industry's perception of best in class. Frontrunners are designing models with customers in focus. Simplicity, efficient and fast. The industry have an ocean of data at their feet but still most choose old fashioned techniques and rely on slow changing data items.

Are your model projects always producing the same outcome and trouble at your regulatory reviewer ?

Perhaps its time to change your focus........

Be the Customer

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From Data Archeologist to Data Sciencetist

14 September, 2015

The digital disruption is here but Banks are still not fully digital. Still, Banks waste efforts in building models the frontline doesn’t understand or use. Perhaps Data Scientists should be running the business of tomorrow?

Are your projects always running late and is it difficult to get final sign-off ? Are stakeholders finding it hard to buy your ideas ? Perhaps it is time to change how you develop models.

Try using pretotyping or a hackathon to accelerate your projets and increase buy-in. It truely works!

Work as a start-up

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We often fail to communicate

24 June, 2015

How many times have you or your peers tried to communicate technical subjects to non-technical persons and miserably failed ?

Risk Management professionals have often experienced this situation when dealing with either internal or external stakeholders. We bring data and equations to the table but forget that our regulators spend more time with our model documentation than in meetings with us. Words should be seen as the valuable and precious things they truly are.

Reach out and learn how the Pharmaceutical Industry changed their approach

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Innovation as Usual

9 June, 2015

This is possibly the best innovation book I've ever read. It's not Porter's five forces but the six innovation forces which can be learned by anyone and mastered by most given the right development environment.

The book is packed with neat examples from leading companies on how to succesfully implement innovation as usual. Innovation simply doesn't happen just because you attended an innovation training for five days. And Brainstorms aren't necessarily a good innovation facilitator.

Leaders of tomorrow should stop thinking about themselves as the next Steve Jobs but rather help the next generation bring great ideas to life.

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Future of Work

31 May, 2015

Have you ever felt there's no more juice to squeeze ? Perhaps you're using yesterdays game plan to solve tomorrows challenges ? Take a fresh look at your organisation and apply new ideas to motivate and structure work. It's the future of work - hear my colleague Jens Jakob Svanholt and Erik Korsvik Oestergaard talk about their experiences.

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Efficient Designs

21 May, 2015

I gave a speech at the 11th annual Credit Risk Management Conference in Amsterdam. The deck is soon available.

Have Patience...


June, 2015

CFA Society Denmark is hosting Risk Management Network Event in June. I'll give a short presentation on Credit Risk Modelling. The deck will of course shortly be available.

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